2016 Kubota SSV75 engine knock / clatter

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May 13, 2023
Need help with diagnosing my 2016 Kubota SSV75 as my local Kubota dealer appears to be clueless. This machine has 2800 hrs. The machine suddenly developed a light "clatter/knocking" noise while in use. It throws no codes, no misses in the engine and the noise seems to diminish as rpm's increase. Local Kubota dealer did the following: oil analysis (which was good), compression test (which was good), replaced all four injectectors (they said they tested bad, however the machine never smoked, missed or had loss of power), checked valve train components, rockers and valve bridges. After several thousands of dollars worth of parts and labor, the noise is unchanged and the service dept seems to have no idea what to do next other than tearing the engine completely down. I appreciate any input from anyone that may have experienced anything along these lines.


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Mar 1, 2018
maybe this is not gonna help but have you tryed to use a mechanics stethascope to kinda pinpoint the noise? It might be worth a try. sometimes old school works.