2001 773G aux electical controls

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Oct 10, 2005
I've got a 2001 773 with hand controls, I am attempting to use a backhoe attachment that has electric solenoid valves to switch between rams. My bobcat doesn't have the aux electrical control kit and I would rather not spend the $125.00 for one as all I need is to simply run wires from my existing switches on the left joystick. Ok so I lifted my cab hoping to just have a few loose plugs at the base of the joystick but all the wires but two go right through to who knows where. does anyone happen to know where they go and if they are accessable on the other end so I could just cut in and run the wires from there? the only switch I need is the far left 3 position on the left joystick. I was planning on going into the dealer and seeing If I can check a wiring diagram but figured I would ask here first. I don't want to just start cutting into wires not knowing what and where they go.