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    Which grease are you using?

    Grease rule #1; For best results use it often Grease rule #2; To better understand failures related to grease, refer to rule #1
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    I need a hydraulic fitting.

    Your photograph shows the oring on the JIC side of the fitting. The oring belongs on the STOR (straight thread o ring) side that threads into the pump.
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    Honing cylinder after replacement

    I recently rebuilt a V1902B, sleeves had to be bored and honed after installation.
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    1971 Bobcat 371 serial number plate damaged

    My 371 has a fire damaged serial number plate. I would like to replace it. There are companies that will replicate the plate if I can provide a photo of the original. Can anyone provide a photo of a 1971 model 371 serial number plate? I'm only interested in the graphics and layout (block out the...