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Signature: NH LS 160, S150, S185 Hoe Brusher Grapple Auger, Mixer Tiller Soil Conditioner Trencher Tracks Snow Blade Wood Splitter Stump Grinder Land Plane. Dealer Virnig Erskine McLaren Loegering Vts Componets Plus Wallenstein Bauma Lite
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Re: Bobcat Fuel Shut off Solenoid 5/10/2010 7:58:58 AM   (Total replies: 1)

Download the 863 service manual here (same engine ) and follow the instuctions.


Re: Generator Problem 1/31/2007 8:21:15 PM   (Total replies: 1)

The smaller single cylinder Honda gx motors have a fuel “sediment bowl” on the fuel shut of valve, (its metal not glass) it just unscrews from the bottom, have you look for or checked yours.

Seems like it is fuel related if it runs above 1/2 ok. Does it have a fuel pump or is it gravity feed?


Re: Hi-Flow Conversion 5/9/2009 5:16:58 AM   (Total replies: 1)

Can't believe you did not give us at least a teaser pic!



Re: Hi-Flow Conversion 5/14/2009 8:04:20 AM   (Total replies: 1)

I got pretty lucky with the NH I did, picked up the old style kit for a simular JD skid (same frame but used a Yanmar engine) from a Deere dealer closing out old stock. Its old school and belt drives the second pump off the crank as opposed to piggy backing the two pumps. (if my pump fails I can buy the double pump in the future) It was about 25 hours to install and I had to machine a spacer to put the pulley on the NH engine. Total cash outlay was about 600 plus labour. There was ...

Re: Hi-Flow Conversion 5/18/2009 7:56:09 PM   (Total replies: 1)

On a older model like a 642 you could likely up the ci of the cartridge and increase your std flow volume, so long as you have the hp in the engine to handle the load. However the whole point of 2 pumps is that usually you don't need high flow, and further if you directed all the flow though you valve body your boom and tilt speed would increase also, for better or worse.

For the sake of attachment that don't need hi flow and for keeping the boom cycle at the designed speed, the flow ...

Re: Hi-Flow Conversion 5/19/2009 7:58:43 PM   (Total replies: 0)

On the NH there was a plug in the hydraulic valve for hi flow pump oil to join the flow after the second spool, #1 and #2 were for the boom. This way the 2nd pump only went to the couplers. Also when spool 1 or 2 is working the boom the second pump continues to supply the attachment by itself (as opposed to combined with the first)

If you go over about 20 gpm you should have 3/4” lines and couplers for the boom. You would also want to keep a eye on oil temps as some hi flow ...

Re: Hi-Flow Conversion 5/19/2009 8:04:47 PM   (Total replies: 1)


 Most engines that drive pumps of the front gear train (cam gears) have a spec for the amount of hp the gears can stand. Of couse the system pressure and flow would result in a figure that must be below that spec


Re: Hi-Flow Conversion 5/26/2009 1:16:09 PM   (Total replies: 0)

Ok, yes you're qualified. Nice build btw. If you can do the twin turbo you will manage fine on the dual pump system if you do your homework.


Re: Hi-Flow Conversion 6/19/2012 10:46:23 PM   (Total replies: 1)

I priced it out for a S185 K and parts were just over $2000

I was told to budget 3 or 4 days for the conversion. Not worth it unless you can do it yourself imo. The tripple gear pump was over 1/2 the cost if i recall though.

I should have though of this when Barron Supply had their 15% off this May though, would have been a good time to do it.


Re: Putting a Yanmar 4TNE86 in a Ford CL55 5/17/2012 6:46:38 AM   (Total replies: 1)

Sounds like you are making good progress. Lots of details, but one by one they keep getting done. Swaps are never easy. But with more options at our disposal nowdays (electric fans, etc) they are getting easier.

 We replaced two 6v53 GM with 6068T deere power in our skidders, and I sure don't miss thoose detroits. Needless to say the second one was easier.

 The end result will be justified here too.


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