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 Author Thread: Bob-tach quick attachment system
bobbie-g is not online. Last active: 5/3/2013 7:51:31 PM bobbie-g
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Bob-tach quick attachment system
Posted: 03/15/2004 07:49 PM
Is there a spec published somewhere which lists interface dimensions for the bob-tach system? I want to make a handfull of plates so I can fab some attachments. The only way I can do that now is to measure my 751C front end and measure the plate on my Melroe bucket. So I don't really know what the spec is, only how these two pieces fit together. I measure the Bobcat front end as 44 1/4 inches wide and the bucket as 44 1/2 inches wide ID. So should I make the plates 44 1/2 inches ID, or add a bit of slop and make them 45" ID? I'd hate to bend and weld up several and find that they won't work with the next Bobcat. bobbie-g

RC in Trinidad, CO - 1995 751C (Peugeot engine), 1999 863G, Thomas 4-in-1 bucket, Versatec brush grapple, antique backhoe attachment, 4-way snow blade, home-built stump grubber, forks, Dymax tree shear, Ammbusher mower
500K_773 is not online. Last active: 4/18/2007 7:38:09 AM 500K_773
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Re: Bob-tach quick attachment system
Posted: 03/16/2004 10:13 AM


I measured the bob-tach for my bucket and it is 44 9/16” ID also.  Some of the older Bobcats and smaller models use a smaller bob-tach plate.  I know because I cannot use my father-in-laws Rooter for his 610.  There are universal attachments that are wider, but they have the locator holes for the bottom pins at different spacings.  I found a universal mounting plate diagram from Bradco that is 49.5” wide, note the four holes at the bottom for different machines.  See the diagram at

I don't know how wide the mounting hardware is for other skidsteers, ie.: John Deere, Case, Cat, etc...  If you find out please let me know because I am looking at building some of my own mounting plates also.  Hope this helps.

C.A. 2001 773 500K model
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