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 Author Thread: Help needed: Case 1845C Uni Loader Driven Chain Replacement
westek12 is not online. Last active: 11/6/2014 10:07:06 PM westek12
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Help needed: Case 1845C Uni Loader Driven Chain Replacement
Posted: 01/27/2013 03:18 PM
---------------Sorry but I am unable to include the diagrams noted below. A copy of this post with the diagrams are available at this link: . Thank You.---------------- I am an independent ASE Certified Mechanic with 3 decades of experience but I am a newcomer to skid steer repair. I am seeking technical assistance in replacing the front-right driven chain on a 1995 Case 1845C Uni-Loader. I have purchased the Service Manual, Parts Manual and Owners Manual (in PDF Format) but the Service Manual does not offer a procedure for replacing the Driven Chain, etc. Please refer to the diagram enclosed below. Summary of repair to date: I am servicing this 1845c in the field, in Springfield MO., 52 Miles from my shop. Symptom: Suddenly the right side front wheel no longer received power from the drive train. Diagnosis: Removing the front and rear Chain Access Covers (right side) revealed that the front chain (B or 27) missing from the front driven sprocket (33). The right Chain Case was also contaminated with 5 ~ 6 gallons of rain water due to faulty Chain Covers and Cover Gaskets. This water had frozen solid and was covered with a 2-inch layer of thick gray emulsified oil. Chain failure was most likely due to the ice lock-up previous to operation. Service performed to date: I jacked up the front of the uni-loader to facilitate thorough drainage toward the rear drain plug. Using a heat gun I melted the ice and drained the chain-case. Found and removed the broken chain. It had broken across 4 sequential links. I rotated the front-right wheel while examining the teeth of its driven sprocket (33). The teeth looked good. Using a flash light and examination mirror I examined the center Drive Sprocket (25a, that drives the broken chain) and the teeth that I could see looked good but I could not properly view the teeth at the top and bottom apex using this method. Hoping that I could get a better view of the center Drive Sprocket (25a) I removed 4 nuts (19) and then slid out the Shaft Assembly (20) until it cleared the mounting studs (about 1.5 inches). Unfortunately this did not afford me any view of the Center Sprocket (25a) and its teeth. Since the viewable 80% of the Center Sprocket looks good I am assuming that the Center Sprocket is good altogether. I stopped repair at this point and placed an order for the following parts: Part No Description Qty Ref # D131410 Driven chain, 80H, 64 pitch, endless 1 27 H436964 Gasket, Cluster Sprocket 2 23 H438173 Cover, Chain Access 2 D125759 Gasket, Chain access cover 2 Putting the new chain on the Driven Sprocket (33) will be easy but getting the chain on the center Drive Sprocket (25a) and then aligning and reassembling the Shaft Assembly (20) is causing me much concern. To explain: The entire Center Cluster Sprocket Assembly (Ref. 19 thru 26) is unreachable via the front and rear Chain Access openings. The Shaft Assembly (20), which I have already loosened and slid-out by 1.5 inches, travels thru the center of the entire Center Cluster Sprocket Assembly and appears to hold everything related to it together. Side Note: When I slid the Shaft Assembly (20) out 1.5 inches past the mounting studs the outer end of the Shaft Assembly (20) moved down and to the rear. By hand, I tried to lift the outer end of the Shaft Assembly (20) back onto the studs but the internal tensions applied by the Drive Chain ( A ) and the rear Driven Chain (B) provides too much resistance and this attempt failed. I figure that this can be remedied by relieving the tension on the remaining 2 chains and then use a floor jack to lift the end of the Shaft Assembly (20) into place. I am assuming that, in order to seat the new chain onto the center Drive Sprocket (25a) I will have to fully remove the Shaft Assembly (20) first. But if I do this I am afraid that the entire Center Cluster Sprocket Assembly (Ref. 19 thru 26) will fall apart and leave me with a nightmare to reassemble. Therein lies the crux of the matter. I have considered fabricating a pipe or pin that is the same diameter of the Shaft Assembly (20) with a brief taper and then removing the Shaft Retainer (22, opposite of the Shaft Assembly 20). Then with the pipe/pin inserted in place of the Shaft Retainer (22) I will tap it against the inner end of Shaft Assembly (20) thus removing it while simultaneously inserting the pipe/pin into its place, thus holding the Center Cluster Sprocket Assembly in place while allowing passage of the new chain over the end of the Center Cluster Sprocket Assembly. However, I am not sure that there will be enough room to pass the chain around the end of the Center Cluster Sprocket Assembly and currently I am not at the job site so that I may confirm this. My instinct is that there is not enough space at the end of the Center Cluster Sprocket Assembly to do this. Another possibility would be to remove the master link in the new chain and then reassemble the master link after seating the chain on the sprockets. This sounds like it would be the best option but getting a press tool/device, much less a punch and hammer, into the chain case in order to reinstall the link pins seems an impossibility due to the lack of space necessary. If you know the proper procedure for this operation or have some good advice or tips for me please respond. You can also reach me via email at or 870-278-9076. My thanks in advance, Wes
edwin dirnbeck is not online. Last active: 12/12/2013 7:11:13 PM edwin dirnbeck
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Re: Help needed: Case 1845C Uni Loader Driven Chain Replacement
Posted: 03/24/2013 08:58 PM
Hello, I have a new to me 1845c with chain problems.So I am interested in your solution,I know nothing but am trying to learn .Thanks in advance for you solutions,it seems like you know what you are doing.
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