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 Author Thread: Contractors Marketplace - Skidsteer Paradise!
darbor is not online. Last active: 8/9/2012 2:26:36 PM darbor
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Contractors Marketplace - Skidsteer Paradise!
Posted: 08/07/2012 09:13 PM
Attention Skidsteer owners ; Are you tired of looking at under-utilized equipment sitting in your yard? Shouldn't these assets be out of your yard making you money? It’s time to Network Your Equipment! As industry veterans, the Contractors Marketplace team understands that there exists a large inventory of under-utilized contractor owned equipment and building materials. Contractors Marketplace allows you to turn your idle equipment and materials into profit generating revenue 24/7! It’s as easy as clicking a button! Simply put, when you post your FREE Ads with Contractors Marketplace, your equipment and building materials will be exposed to hundreds, or depending where you are, thousands of contractors in your area who are looking for services, machinery and materials just like yours! Contractors Marketplace offers all contractors the ability to generate additional revenue by accessing local pools of under-utilized equipment. All you have to do is post your ads with a brief description, upload your photos, (you can place your ads without photos) and display your rates. * You set your own pricing and rental rates! * List your equipment "For Hire" with or without an operator! * Contractors Marketplace will do the rest! Visit us at It’s up to you! You're in charge! Contractors Marketplace helps you make it happen!
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Forums  > Classifieds  > For Sale  > Contractors Marketplace - Skidsteer Paradise!  
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