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 Author Thread: NIOSH Skid Loader Accident Reports.
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NIOSH Skid Loader Accident Reports.
Posted: 01/03/2012 04:33 AM

The other night I was searching for tech info on my loader and I stumbled across these reports. It's a REAL eye opener..   Especially with older loaders that aren't as rich in safety features as the newer ones are. (No ROPS, no complex interlock systems, worn linkages and hydraulics, etc.)

If you're new to this (like I am) you might want to take a look..  It will give you a whole new respect.

The number one cause of death in skid loaders is being caught between the bucket or arm and the frame.  This is accomplished in a number of ways, but it mostly seems to boil down to removing side shields, unsafe maintenance practices, defeating safeties, and leaving/sticking your head out of  the cab with the engine running & bumping controls on the way in/out.

I apologize if anyone thinks this is inappropriate, or is posted in the worng location... It's very enlightening information, however. It's given me a complete, new respect for what I'm doing when I use my loader. 

Case reports and stats here:

One particular accident involving an attachment.

Just one, a Bobcat 863G HF.
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Forums  > Other Topics  > Training Materials  > NIOSH Skid Loader Accident Reports.  
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