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Mustang  > General  > Re: Mustang 342 Hydraulic fluid question  
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 Author Thread: Mustang 342 Hydraulic fluid question
farmallw4 is not online. Last active: 7/22/2009 7:18:06 AM farmallw4
Joined: 22 Jul 2009
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Mustang 342 Hydraulic fluid question
Posted: 07/22/2009 07:18 AM
Hello fellow Skidsteer owners I have a general question regarding my Mustang 342. My service manual recommends Type F fluid for the hydraulic system. The previous owner had it serviced they changed the fluid to Dextron II. I'm having some noise issues with the hydraulic motor and was wondering if the fluid might be the issue? Can anyone recommend the proper fluid or a better fluid to run in my machine? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Regards, farmallw4
Bandit1047 is not online. Last active: 5/2/2013 5:03:56 AM Bandit1047
Joined: 13 Jan 2008
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Re: Mustang 342 Hydraulic fluid question
Posted: 07/28/2009 04:08 PM

Hi Farmallw4,

They most likely changed to Dextron because Type F is getting harder to find.

Start with the simple stuff first and eliminate the obvious.

You need to check your hydraulic filter to see if it is clogged. When changing from one fluid to another the new fluid could be cleaning the system and depositing the gunk into the filter. You also need to check the level. If you have a dip stick, it could be the wrong one and not giving you the correct reading.

Just exactly what kind of noise? Pounding or knocking is cavitation from air in the system. This can come from low fluid or a crimped or bent return line. Grinding noise can be a worn out pump or bearing.

Go to the Skid steer repair Thread (Top Thread ) and describe the exact noise and one of the experts will help you. If you stay on the “Mustang” thread, only us Mustang owners will see it.

Good luck


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Forums  > Mustang  > General  > Re: Mustang 342 Hydraulic fluid question  
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