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50 X 50 Garage and camper.jpg (52 KB)

Bucket Grapple
7e_1.jpg (24 KB)

Back view.JPG (39 KB)

Backing plate jig in use.JPG (23 KB)

Bent Boom Side view.JPG (28 KB)

Bent Boom.JPG (37 KB)

Cut and re-welded again GRR.JPG (31 KB)

diff angle.JPG (35 KB)

Vise on a 2" mount
DSC00004.JPG (26 KB)

Vise on a 2" rec.
DSC00005.JPG (28 KB)

Lower pin
DSC00013.JPG (22 KB)

Home made boom pole
DSC00014.JPG (41 KB)

Backing Plate jig
DSC00021.JPG (19 KB)

DSC00024.JPG (18 KB)

Easy to move.JPG (29 KB)

Feb. 20060015.JPG (41 KB)

Ken 11.jpg (31 KB)

Our Garage First beam.JPG (29 KB)

Our Garage Warn 8000 lb winch.JPG (34 KB)

Case 1845C
Photo026 Fixed.jpg (65 KB)

Root and tree bucket Specs.jpg (17 KB)

Start of bucket.JPG (32 KB)

tree and root bucket.JPG (37 KB)

Tree bucket side.JPG (41 KB)

Welded hoops on corners and center.JPG (20 KB)
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